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The Alleged Fine-Tuning of the Constants

The fine-tuning argument basically asserts that the conditions that allow life in the universe, could have only arose if the fundamental physical constants of nature were in a very narrow range. Such as the critical density of our universe, if that was slightly changed with the amount of 1 in 10^40, then the universe, as we know it, wouldn’t exist, the celestial bodies would not have developed as well as the galaxies. Another great example for this, according to apologists, is the cosmological constant, which is fine tuned in such a narrow range as of 1 in 10^120. And this is one of the many lines of fine tuned quantities in our universe, without which, we could not exist. That, according to apologists, basically likens the possibility of a conscious designer who chose to make it this way in order to create us.


An effective way of attacking this argument is to bring up explanations for the given phenomenon (the fact that our universe has the particular physical constants that …